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In 1999, Kurt undertook the complete restoration of Sprucemont, one of Tredyffrin Township’s oldest surviving structures. Sprucemont’s original structure dated to 1695, with a 1763 Federal style addition. When he purchased it, more than 125 unsupervised cats had made Sprucemont their home. After a comprehensive restoration (and humane animal relocation) Kurt, his wife Chris and their children, made Sprucemont their home. While paying painstaking attention to historic details, Kurt was still able to incorporate virtually every modern amenity. Today, Sprucemont is a proud (and comfortable) tribute to the community’s heritage.

In later years, the further development of Sprucemont included the conversion of the 1750’s barn into a residence. This took imagination, creativity, and ingenuity to preserve the barn structure while creating a comfortable home. The result of this work is especially rewarding as it allows for both the preservation of a historical building while creating a truly unique new home.

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